Sonny Electric, Inc.
  • Fueling/Service Station

    From rehabilitation to new construction, we have the experience and knowledge for wiring dispenser pumps, tanks, control systems and all your gas station needs.
  • Fire Alarm Systems

    As an authorized dealer and technician/installer for Silent Knight Fire Alarm Panels, we are experts in providing customers with state of the art fire protection that is complaint with the NFPA Standards.
  • Parking Lot Maintenance

    Whether it’s parking lot lighting or sport lighting, we have the necessary equipment and stock materials to re-lamp, re-ballast and maintain your pole lighting with quick response time.
  • Electrical Retail/Tenant Fit Out

    Along with our cost effective services and superior quality, we have an incomparable level of commitment towards fighting through permits needs, electrical codes and unforeseen conditions to move your project along and get you open for business.

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Sonny Electric, Inc.
25 Boyd Street
Kearny, NJ 07032

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State of New Jersey Electrical Lic: #14184
Public Works Contractor Act
Monitory Business Enterprise
Small Business Enterprise
Insured and Bonded

Contact Information:
Phone: 201-955-9163
Fax: 201-955-9163


"Some of our best work has never been seen by anyone but us. They’re above ceilings, behind walls, or locked behind panels. And although no one else can see it, our work still has to be judged by our toughest critic: us"